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This time of year is always special, and if you are lucky enough to be in Peru, this holiday will be your most memorable. This annual market is held in the main square of Cusco and is sold by artisans from all over Peru who make candles, chocolates and other festive and religious items. The Colca Valley The annual celebration of the birth of a new year and the beginning of spring takes place in the Colca Valley, four hours from the city of Arequipa, to celebrate the first day of spring, the most important holiday in all of Peru. Take a trip to the Colca Valley, a high mountain area in southern Peru known for its beautiful landscape, beautiful people and beautiful weather.

This festival, which is usually held in September, shows the best that Peru has to offer in terms of food, wine, art, music, dance and entertainment. A visit to this food celebration is an opportunity to explore all the different types of food in Peru in one place. There is hardly any other city in Latin America that hosts as many food festivals as Cusco, the capital of Peru.

Peru is a country that is committed to its traditions and increasingly to innovation, with festivals and festivals of all kinds flourishing and growing. Every year, Peru hosts a series of major events and colorful festivals, which attract millions of tourists from all over the world.

The Great Military Parade of Peru, the largest single event, is held in Lima every year on May 1 and 2. Bullfighting is considered the most important bullfighting event in Lima, where the best matadors show their skills. Bullfighting can also be practised in other parts of the country, such as the annual bullfight in the Peruvian capital, which takes place annually. Lima on the first day of May. On May 2 and 3, a great festival takes place between Lima and Ica, and also a great celebration in the National Park of the city of La Paz.

The exact dates vary, but the highlight is the Pisco Sour Festival, which includes the celebration of the most famous Pisco Sour in the world and the annual horse race in La Paz National Park. Experience several competitions for the famous Peruvian horses, which are watched by thousands of people from all over the country, from the city of Lima and the Ica National Park. It is held every year on the last Sunday of May and combines a festival of Peruvian cuisine.

To varying degrees, Peru celebrates many of the most important events in Peru's history, such as the feast of Pisco Sour.

In Cusco, the Cruz Velacuy procession takes place at the beginning of May, and in Huancavelica, there is a feast of the Cross - a festival linked to the festival called Fiesta del Espiritu Santo. Pasco, Ayacucho, Junin and Puno also celebrate Fiesta de las Cruces, but these celebrations are larger.

The most important ones, which take place on October 18, 19 and 28, are less noteworthy, but in Cusco and Ayacucho The goods are baked goods, and many women wear purple in Lima, where bullfights and other festivals take place throughout the month. This festival takes place with a large solemn procession on Easter Sunday and combines traditional Andean culture with Catholicism. The carnival takes place in the city of Lima on the first Sunday in April, the day after Easter. In Peru it is big because Easter Saturday is a holiday and is therefore one of the largest in Latin America and the world.

Carnival is also very famous in Peru for the large number of people and the high quality of food, drink and entertainment.

You could spend Christmas in Lima and enjoy the decorated and modern streets of Miraflores, or maybe go and spend the night in one of the many hotels in the city, depending on what kind of tour you are going to do. If you prefer to spend New Year's Eve in Peru, you can also travel to the beautiful beaches, famous for their Peruvian Paso horses and beautiful beach. To see them at any time, you can visit the ranch of Hacienda Mamacona, where two major competitions are held, and also the haciendas in La Paz.

If you want to escape Lima without traveling too far, Paracas in Ica is a great place to spend the New Year, with its beautiful beaches, beautiful people and good food.

There are some big events in Peru that revolve around Christmas, but you can also hang out on the beach, visit the jungle, do something different and even participate in some of the many different Peruvian festivals in Lima, such as the San Pedro Festival. If you plan to visit Peru, you may be intrigued to see or even participate in one of these sights. Here is a list of some great events in Peru that you should consider.

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