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Tripadvisor recently named gastronomic trips to Peru as one of the new travel trends, and after 18 months here in Lima, Peru, it's clear why. Peruvian cuisine is booming and if you're looking for a meal - inspired foray into the city of Lima Da Taste of Peru is the tour for you. Experience the food scene in Bolivia and leave it behind on a tailor-made South American tour.

The Peru hops makes many stops to taste a lot of food in Peru, so you are sure to get a real taste of Peru. re in Lima, you can also hope that our guide from Cusco, Peru can help you to learn more and how to visit Machu Picchu on a low budget.

We hope this list of traditional Peruvian food and drink will make your mouth water when you plan a trip to Peru. Check out our lists of the best Peruvian food below and visit us online, you will be sure to satisfy all the wishes of Peruvian gourmets.

There are so many to try, and we've counted over 100 must-have - try Peruvian dishes from around the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, South America and more. Below is our list of the 10 best Peruvian food and beverages we recommend for your next trip to Peru. These are 10 of our best Peruvian dishes to try when visiting Lima, the culinary capital of South America.

Lima Tasty Tours has been active in the tourism market since 2010 and has been an official company in Peru since 2013. We currently live in Lima and write articles for Less Less Less, which offers tours to Peru as well as guidebooks and guidebooks for other parts of Peru.

There is a Chifa (Chinese for "Peruvian") cooking tradition that has become a mainstay in Lima. Chifa restaurants in Peru make authentic Peruvian cuisine that can be served in various ways, such as in restaurants, hotels, cafes and restaurants. For example, Isolina, a popular restaurant in the heart of Lima, is the only place in Peru that serves pas. We left Peru to taste Papas rellena, the popular croquettes (Isola's specialty), and we were very impressed by the authentic Peruvian cuisine that was served.

Chinese - Peruvian fusion is found everywhere in Lima, and on request you will find many vegetarian options on the menu. Restaurants, hotels and cafes in Lima also serve many vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Of course, the best way to sample Peruvian cuisine is to stand outside and wander through the beautiful cities of Lima and Cuzco and try the food for yourself. If you are more interested in cooking, you will find cooking classes and Lima tours that will teach you how to make ceviche, pisco sour and learn how to prepare your own traditional Peruvian dishes with local families. But if you have a budget, or you have a little time on your budget and a few dollars in your pocket, you will experience Peruvian cuisine on a whole new level.

Be careful if you are hungry, you can fly to Peru, where you can experience the food scene in Lima and Cusco. I have some fantastic flavors of authentic Peruvian cuisine at Catalina 555, Lima, Peru, and I must admit that in the first few days I was a little sceptical about some of the food we had in the Sacred Valley of Machu Picchu, but after some research there is no way to eat there again without renouncing vegetarianism. Hopefully you could learn about the "Peruvian" food and get a taste of what it is like to touch down in Peru, wherever you are and experience it for yourself.

I learned from Silvia's Lima Gourmet Company that the locals of Lima would never dream of eating ceviche for dinner.

I soon learned that Pollo Brasa, served with chips, is one of the most widely consumed dishes in Peru. It is sold throughout Peru and baked in ceviche and chifa, but the most famous dish in the Arequipa region of Peru are chupe mariscos, which can be found in many restaurants in Lima, of which these are among the most famous and popular.

Peru has been prominent in the world's top 50 restaurants for years, but until now, the top spot has always been Peruvian. Almost all restaurants are located in Lima, and nine Lima restaurants are on the "Latin American" list. The top ten restaurants on this list with the highest number of restaurants in Latin America are all located outside Lima.

As Peru's capital, Lima has one of the best restaurants in the country, and good food and drink is one of our top activities in Lima. You could almost spend a lifetime here just to explore the incredible local cuisine that has and is on offer. As the gastronomic capital of South America, it offers visitors a wide range of restaurants where you can taste typical Peruvian dishes, but it is also a good place to taste some interesting Peruvian specialties. For more ideas on what to do, see our guide to a day in Peru.

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