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Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) announced the opening of its first Hyatt hotel in Lima, Peru, marking the beginning of a five-year $1.2 billion investment in the world's largest hotel chain. FINANCIAL - Hyatts Hotel Corporation has announced that it has completed its first hotel project in Peru. Two new hotels have been added to the new LIMA Peru Hotel, a new luxury hotel in the Peruvian capital Lima. HYATT HOTELS Corporation, owner and operator of hotels in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, announces the introduction of five additional hotels in its new Lima hotel, each with its own brand name and logo. HYATT hotels Corporation has announced its second hotel construction project, marking the beginning of another five-year development in Latin America and Asia, with a total of three hotels and one hotel complex. Hyatt HOTEL CORPORATION (the "H" in "hyatt"), the parent company of hotel chains in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala, announced a third hotel development project for its newest hotel, which is characterized by the installation of four new hotel projects in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.

The Hyatt Centric San Isidro Lima is the first Hyatt hotel in Peru to open. It has a total of three hotels and a hotel complex in the city of Lima, Peru's capital and the second largest city in the world after Buenos Aires. In Chile, the Hyatt Hotel Las Condes Santiago will be the second HyATT hotel in Chile after hyatt Place Santiago - Vitacura.

It complements the existing Hyatt Centric Guatemala City, which opened in 2017, and Hyatts Centrics Montevideo and Uruguay, which both opened in 2016. It joins its sister hotel in Guatemala, the Hyatt Center Guatemala - Guatemala City.

It complements the existing Hyatt Centric Guatemala City, which opened in 2017, and Hyatt Centrics Montevideo and Uruguay, which both opened in 2016. This new addition follows in the footsteps of the former hotel in Guatemala, the HyATT Center Guatemala - Guatemala City, and demonstrates the hotel's commitment to developing high-quality hotels in Latin America and the Caribbean. It complements and joins the already very successful Hyatta Center Costa Rica, as well as its sister hotel Hyatt Center Honduras - Honduras City.

We will offer a brand that puts guests at the center of the action and inspires them to explore this dynamic capital city, "said Dr. Michael M. Schmitt, President and CEO of Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Americas.

The Hyatt Centric San Isidro Lima is located in the heart of the capital Lima, Peru's second largest city and third largest city in Latin America. Hyatts Centrics San Isidroid Lima will be located at the intersection of two main streets in Lima's Central Business District.

Hyatt Centric San Salvador is located in the existing Las Cascadas retail zone, a neighborhood surrounded by a residential community. Hyatts Centrics San Salvador will be located at the intersection of two main streets in Lima's central business district, in front of the new and existing Las CASCadas shopping malls and in an area of neighborhoods surrounding a residential complex adjacent to the city's central business district, the San Isidro district. The Hyatt Center San Salvador is located on the site of an existing and new shopping center, the Lima City Center, near G Gate, one of the largest and most prestigious residential developments in Peru.

This hotel will be your starting point in the heart of Lima And you can drop by and the staff, real locals, can tell you how to find your favorite places to explore. I will not regret doing your research for your next trip to Lima with the Hyatt Center San Salvador as one of your first stops.

The basement meeting rooms are perfect for meetings and events, and those who want to explore Lima would be well advised to stay at the Hyatt Center San Salvador, with its beautiful views of the city. Even the crazy hotel guests who get coveted dinner reservations in Lima hotspots can opt for Isidro's rich breakfast, which also highlights Peruvian ingredients and sauces as a base for breakfast before setting off to explore the cities. Guests can use the hotel's free Wi-Fi service to check in at random times or stay in one of the private rooms.

The hotel's Isidro restaurant offers a fusion of Peruvian and continental traditions with the well-travelled and esteemed chef of Lima 27, Carlos Testino. The Peruvian-French bistro concept, developed for the hotel by Carlos Testsino, the Group's CEO, in collaboration with Grupo Aramburu, is a unique version of the classic French restaurant. It is the first of its kind in the world and one of the most popular restaurants in Lima with over 1,000 reservations per month.

Sheraton Lima Hotel offers a contemporary ambience in the heart of the historic city and is even pet friendly. Hyatt Centric San Isidro Lima features a full-service restaurant, a hotel bar and private pool, as well as a spa, fitness centre and outdoor pool. Located in Santiago, Chile, Hyatts centric Las Condes Santiago offers 166 rooms with a variety of luxurious amenities including private pools, private balconies and private tennis courts, spa and fitness facilities.

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