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The hotel company InterContinental Group (IHG) has announced the opening of its first hotel in Peru in Lima, Peru. The world's leading hotel companies, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Inc. and Intercontinental Hotels Group Inc., today announced the premiere of the Intercontinental (r) at the new hotel, the LIMA Peruvian Hotel, in the city of Lima.

The Peruvian capital Lima brings its first hotel in Peru, the LIMA Peruvian Hotel, to the second largest city in the world and the third largest city in the country.

The Indigo will be different from any other hotel in the vibrant Miraflores district of the capital and the first hotel of its kind in Peru and the world. Indigo is located on the outskirts of Lima, a little away from Larcomar, the city's commercial centre, but close enough to the restaurants, entertainment and shopping of Lima's bustling business centres. INDIGO is also close to the heart of the Peruvian capital, just steps from LarComar and in Lima's "bustling" shopping malls, offering fine food, restaurants and entertainment as well as shopping.

The Hotel Indigo Lima Miraflores will be a boutique hotel with 76 guest rooms, including a restaurant and bar, as well as locally inspired restaurants and bars. The property will include the largest outdoor hotel pool in Lima, which is over 17 meters long, and will also have its own private pool with a capacity of up to 100 people. It will not only include a large outdoor hospital pool, but also as part of the hotel facilities, such as a gym, fitness center, spa and fitness center, fitness and wellness center and spa, to name a few.

The InterContinental Lima Miraflores will be located 20 floors higher and will have 322 rooms, including a restaurant and bar, as well as a fine dining restaurant. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Lima, Peru, with 322 elegantly decorated guest rooms, including a private pool, spa and fitness center, fitness and wellness center and spa. The Inter Continents LimaMirafLores, which is 20 floors high with views of the Pacific Ocean, features modern designs and features 322 rooms. Intercontinents Peru, a luxury hotel in the heart of Lima and the second largest city in Latin America, the Inter Continental, rises 20 floors and has 322 rooms, including the best restaurants and bars in Peru.

The Indigo Lima Miraflores will be a luxury hotel with 76 guest rooms, including a fine restaurant inspired by the flavors of Peru, as well as a private pool, spa and fitness center, fitness and wellness center and spa. As the managing partner of the InterContinents Peruvian Hotel Group, the hotel's new restaurant and bar, Hotel Indigo, will also be located in the same building as the Inter Continental Peru. Indigo will be more of a boutique affair, with locally inspired restaurants and bars where visitors can escape after a long day in the city.

This luxurious boutique waterfront hotel has 112 rooms and includes a list of the city's most popular tourist attractions, including the Peruvian National Park and National Museum of Peru. When you book a hotel anywhere, use one of the following hotel booking sites to get the best deals. An AccorHotels brand has a voucher program on its website, which you can cancel within a few days of check-in. To cancel and receive a voucher, contact the hotel directly or use the following link to request your voucher by changing the date of your stay.

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A Marriott spokesman declined to comment on whether Accor would be an attractive acquisition for the world's largest hotel company, but most analysts believe Marriott has just completed a $1.2 billion acquisition of Accors, the largest luxury hotel chain in the United States, and most of its hotels. Little is known about the all-suite hotels, although IHG plans to open its franchise in the US in 2018. If you are planning a longer stay or vacation, consider the Candlewood Suites or the Staybridge Suite, as each room has a fully equipped kitchen. Cruises, airlines, trains and theme parks have been temporarily closed or rebooked.

IHG has served Latin America for over 65 years and has over 1,000 hotels, resorts, restaurants and express buses in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are proud to work with IH G to bring two world-renowned brands to Peru and build on the intercontinental heritage in Latin America, "said hotel owner Inmobiliaria Vistamar. "It's a great opportunity for us to expand our business in Peru and other parts of the world," he said. He said: "We are delighted to bring the pleasures of travel to Lima with the Holiday Inn brand.

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