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If you are looking for the best museums when you travel to Lima, Peru, then you need look no further than this guide to tell you where to go and what to expect to see. Dear readers, today I will write about the 5 museums in Lima that should not be missed on a trip to Peru. There are many museums to visit during your trip to Lima Peru, and many of them are commercial cultural buildings that you can enter, such as the National Museum of the Peruvian Revolution, the Museo de los Torres de Lima and the Plaza de la Cienfuega.

But the museum not to be missed is the Museum of the Inquistion in the center of Lima, and it is one of my favorite museums in Peru.

Founded in 1938 by archaeologist Julio C. Tello, the Museum of the Inquistion houses more than 100,000 pieces from different Peruvian cultures. The museum, which dates back to the 18th century, offers some of Peru's best - the presentation of ancient artifacts and artifacts from around the world.

The Museo de la nacion has recently lost one of its most important members, the Museum of Natural History, and there are plans to change the exhibitions.

The museum is housed in the Exhibition Palace, located near the historic centre of Lima. It is located on the second floor of the Natural History Museum, the oldest and only one of its kind in Peru.

If you live very close to the centre of Lima and have limited time to visit museums in Lima, we encourage you to speak to our travel advisor Aracari to create a tailor-made itinerary for your stay in and around Lima. If you are planning your holiday in Lima and you are planning a museum, visiting the Gold Museum will be easy if you are planning one. Plan your museums and take advantage of the many opportunities to explore museums, such as the Natural History Museum, the National Museum of Peru and the Museo de los Muertos, among others.

A visit to one of these three countries will give you a comprehensive knowledge of the history of this fascinating country. It is a 15 minute walk from the museum to visit other interesting museums and is the oldest in the country, so it is highly recommended for pre-Columbian Peru and its relationship to world history. The Rafael Larco Herrera Museum is one of the oldest and most important museums in Peru and has the largest collection of ancient artifacts and artefacts in Peru and the largest collection in Latin America.

The museum also houses the largest collection of ancient ceramics in Latin America and one of the largest collections of human remains in the world.

No museum of Peruvian history would be complete without the Incas, who are abundantly represented in the museum's Tahuantinsuyo Hall. The beautiful Larco Museum shows that Peru was not reduced to an Inca era.

This sophisticated museum, completely renovated in 2008, houses ancient gold works made by the people of what is now Colombia. The Gold Museum of Peru is located in Larcomar, Miraflores, which has one of the largest collections of gold and silver artifacts in the world. This attractively designed museum (see above) has a collection of pristine pieces representing the entire history of Peru, coming from all over the country, but also from various parts of South America and America.

The Art Museum of Lima (MALI) is housed in a neo-Renaissance palace dating back to 1871 and is housed in an eclectic neo-Renaissance architecture that produces great works of art. There are glazed ceramic tiles, carved ceilings, marble floors and a large collection of paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

The National Museum of Archaeology and History of Peru is part of the cultural heritage that makes the museum a place of encounter and history in Peru. The nation's smallest museum is a museum with a collection of more than 100,000 objects from around the country and around the world.

The Museo Arqueologico Rafael Larco Herrera is one of the largest privately owned museums in Peru and is located in the Pueblo Libre district of Lima, Peru. Officially known as the Archaeological Museum Rafael Lar co Herrera, the LarCO Museum is the oldest and largest museum of its kind in Latin America. This popular museum in Lima Peru is crammed with a large collection of Peruvian antiques from around the world and is a must-see destination. If you like the history of Peru and its cultural heritage, as well as the art and culture, this museum, considered "bigger than Lima," is definitely the one for you. The building, which also houses the Ministry of Culture, is home to the Lima Museum, which catalogues the great conservators and the heritage of Peruvian art.

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